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A small selection of our work in and around Oklahoma City, OK

Pizano Construction & More is proud of the roofing, storm restoration and construction work we carry out.

To demonstrate our attention to detail and craftsmanship on each project we undertake , we would like to share some of our completed projects.

Take a look to see what Pizano can do for you!


“They did the roof on my house & it was a mess before they started. Branches up there too from a big bush or 2 that was very grown. They did a wonderful job and trimmed the branches, too!”

Cindy Brown

Project 1

We removed and replaced this roof with the Malarkey Highlander, replacing the vents, and painting the roof jacks. The shingle color used is called “Rainforest” to contrast beautifully with this red brick home. Gutters and shutters were green to tie into the roof for a clean look. Such a beautiful home and a roof that performs as well as it looks!

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Project 2

When we first inspected this property owners roof, we knew there was a problem to the shingle that needed to be addressed… the shingle had been discontinued, and the roof was leaking in two separate locations throughout the home.  We went back with a Certainteed Belmont shingle as required by the HOA, along with re-sheathing the roof, making sure to follow HOA requirements such as using the required underlayment, and correct color valley metal made special ordered. We complimented the home with copper colored guttering and a custom fit chimney cap. After the exterior was finished, we protected all interior furniture and decor by taping off the room when painting the walls and ceiling. 

Project 3

Upon meeting the owner of this home, she expressed that she wanted a roof that would give her a discount on her insurance premiums. We had just the one in mind for her.. the Malarkey Legacy Class 4 Impact Resistant shingle! We installed a new roof deck that was solidly sheathed, and in compliance with the International Residential Code. It was much needed as the Malarkey Legacy is a heavy shingle, great for sustaining Oklahoma’s winds. Along with the manufacturer warranty,  these homeowners got a 10 year workmanship guarantee!

Over 20 Years Experience

in Oklahoma City

Project 4

This roof went through quite the transformation as we changed the color from an algae stained weathered wood to Owens Corning Estate Gray which helped the chimney accent well with its new roof scene, only after properly flashing and sealing the chimney for a 10 year leak free guarantee! Ridge vent was replaced for a sleek finish while still properly ventilating the attic in order to preserve the life of the shingle!

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